Opening ceremony

Opening ceremony will be held at noon of the first day (27 Dec) inside the Metropolitan hotel.
We will have a special guest speaker who has worked at international organizations and is now taking a leading role in the global society (name to be announced soon).
After the opening ceremony, participants will move to each allocated room and the conference will begin!


Each AJMUN committee will start in the afternoon of the first day (27 Dec) and last until the third day (29 Dec).
Participating delegates across Japan and the world will gather and actively discuss and negotiate on each topic to draft and draw up resolutions. Through the process, participants will also start to develop bonds with each other!

Review session

In the afternoon of the 3rd day (29 Dec), there will be a review session. In the session, both the director and the participants reflect upon the conference and give comments or feedback on any actions or events taken during the conference.
By reviewing and evaluating the conference from personal perspective, you can throw away the mask as a ‘delegate’ and have more candid and fun talk! Through feedback, participants can make a better learning from the conference and take advantage of it in the future.

Reception Party

In the evening of the 3rd day (29 Dec), there will be a reception party. In the reception, many participants change from their suits to dress code, enjoying pleasant chat outside the frame of conferences. Also, Best Dress Award will be given to those who dressed the coolest and prettiest!

Closing Ceremony

On the last day (30 Dec) in the afternoon, there will be a closing ceremony. It includes award announcements for delegations who were particularly distinguishable in each committee, and also taking a group photo to wrap up the four-day experience.