Q. Are all the conferences offered in Japanese? or English?
A. There will be 2 conferences offered in English, and 5 offered in Japanese. AJMUN will have your preference of committees and countries of delegation in an application form (open during 1 – 13 October).

Q. Can high school students participate?
A. Yes, but you will need to submit a document signed by your legal guardian (for release of liability). To prevent any troubles, AJMUN staff may circulate to check during the conference period. Every year, a number of active , enthusiastic high school students participate to AJMUN.

Q. This is my first time participating to AJMUN – can I participate?
A. Yes, you can. Even if it is your first time, AJMUN will support you by offering you detailed information on the conference as well as committee you are going to participate. There will be support offered to help you guide through your research and preparation for the committee as well.

Q. Will there be a screening process during application?
A. There may be a screening process involved when the number of application exceeds the maximum number to fit in the provided accommodation + conference rooms at the hotel. Your reasons to participate in the AJMUN may be the main subject of screening.

Q. Is the hotel room a single room?
A. We will only have either twin or triple rooms for accommodation at the hotel. Allocations of the rooms are set by the AJMUN side, and we are unable to take your preferences beforehand.

Q. How much is the cancellation fee?
A. IF you would like to cancel after completing application, we receive cancellation fee from participation fee of 35000JPY, according to the following rules:

 until 31 October  0% cancellation fee
 1 November – 6 December  50% cancellation fee
 after 7 December  100% cancellation fee

* If you also registered for extra accommodation, the fee is also included in the above calculation.
** Please be noted that commission fee for remittance is deducted from the above calculation for refunds.

If you have any questions, email us at: international_ajmun[at]jmun.org

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